Friday, November 21, 2008

So have I said before what amazing kids I have?? Oh yeah, I think I have.
Twice a year our high school has a blood drive. The Red Cross comes to the school and sets up there for the day. Last Tuesday, both Josh and AndreaK gave blood. Andrea vollenteered all day helping with the other students. This was her 3rd time and Joshua's 2nd time giving blood.
I would have NEVER considered donating blood when I was is high school.... heck no! I hate needles!
It is just another thing that I witness my kids doing that makes me sooo very proud of them, and the choices that they are making.
Hopefully I'll be getting some actual pictures of them giving blood for one of the councilers at school.

I am finally getting around to adding these pictures that I took the morning we were headed to Heppner OR for the playoff game. If you can believe it I was riding in the front seat of the truck! It was a beautiful view of the sun beaming through the clouds. I miss being able to take pictures like I used to, and really enjoy when I'm able to do it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have a friend, who's blog I follow, she took a cue from an other friend that had posted some things she is thankful for.
After getting the great news about Josh getting all league recognition, I was thinking about how thankful and lucky I am to be his Mom!
Later in the evening I picked AndreaKay, (as she likes to be called now) up from her first FFA speech competition. She was so happy and excited. She placed 3rd in the novice division for her reciting of the ritual... She is the Jr Secretary and has to say a little thing, It's hard to explain if your not familiar with FFA. Lets just say that, in the past she has not been big on public speaking, at all. So for her to run for office and then compete in a public speaking event, is a HUGE deal. She is such an amazing young lady. She is not afraid to give anything a try, a is so loving and caring.

I feel so lucky to have such wonderful kids. Each of them bring such joy to my life. I love all of the time I can spend with them, and all of the things I can watch them do. I guess I need to start taking pictures of all of them to post!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I received a text message from Josh today at lunch time, It made me cry... He was nominated for 2nd Team All League Punter!... It is an honor because the other coaches in the conference vote on it! I'm SO excited for him! He has grown and improved so much this year. Of course I had to post PUNTING pictures!!
It has been hard for both of us realizing that he probably won't be playing football again. I have enjoyed watching him play since he was in 7th grade. I just can not express how much joy I get from watching him on the field. He is such an amazing young man!!!

Well... it was a tough and very emotional weekend, Our football team did a great job, and played tough, but played an amazing team. The score looked pretty bad, we were able to score once... we'll just leave it at that.
Josh was played a good game, here he is trying to make room for Ethan who is running the ball.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I take alot of pictures at the games... and I always get some really good ones! This has to be one of my favorites this year.
I caught them on the the way down.. Josh had jumped up in the air and just NAILED this kid, when they hit the ground the ball popped out, and was ruled incomplete!
Our boys played a hard game, but were just not able to pull off a win. SO that means we are headed north east to Heppner OR. for the first playoff game. Our team is raked 3rd, Heppner is Raked 1st in their league, it will be a hard game. I'm pretty sure if the boys play well as a team, anything is possible.
The game is Sat at 1:00. Mikayla and I and maybe Colton will be going to Portland Friday night, Then on the Heppner Sat. morning.
It should be fun!!!! GO OAKERS !!!!

SO..with the game being on Halloween, the girls decided to dress up as Zombie Cheerleaders! It was pretty funny! Here's a picture of Andrea and her zombie look.
I can't even tell you how big her hair was ratted... it took us forever to get it all combed out!

Colton, is not only enjoying being with the High School football team, he takes his job as ball boy, very seriously. He get things ready in the locker-room before the game and makes sure that every thing is set for the game!
Here he is getting things out to the field!