Monday, January 19, 2009

Well, my efforts to keep things more current on the blog, have not gone as well as I would have liked.
I've tried, but it doesn't seem to be working in my favor.
I had Rex's sister snap a quick family picture for us... I wanted to have something more recent. Don't we all look like were having fun!!
Brayden is planning to move to California, he is going to be staying with my friend Tammera, and working for her. He is the store manager at Panera Bread. It should be a nice change for him. Inside out of the weather, and not hared manual labor... however he has never been one to bake anything, so it should be an adventure.
It is going to be weird having him that far away, but I'll live
Rex's trip to Florida was postponed until the 24th, so he is here for another week, which is nice, but one more week with not work is hard.
I'm just happy to have him here.
I've been working on a new adventure, I've started broadcasting Josh's basketball games live on the internet. It is something that I've learned to do at work, and with Rex heading out to Florida, I thought it was a great way for him to be able to not miss out on seeing Josh play ball! So far it has been working well, I still have a few audio bugs to work out, but Its all coming together!
So oif your interested, check out then search for oakerbasketball
It will tell you if there is a Live show or not... I think there is one recorded, but the quality isn't the greatest.
Anyway, it is fun and something new!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Well I'm a little late in putting up our pictures from Christmas day.. but figured, better late than never, right! Here is Our Christmas Tree Christmas morning!

We had a great Christmas! It was nice to be home together. I think that everyone enjoyed that things that were given to them. We kept things pretty small thins year. With Rex not having had work for a while, we were extra careful about what we got for the kids.
We were very lucky to find a like new Nintendo Wii, that a gal had bought for her husband in August, and he decided in October that he didn't like it. We got a great deal on it and the kids have been playing non stop since christmas morning! It has been alot of fun!

Rex was pretty surprised with the gift that I gave him. We had seen something like it a few years ago on a little trip he and I took. It was WAY to expensive to buy, but he loved it. I come across the train at the craft fair, and picked a really nice piece of wood to have it mounted on. It didn't look exactly the same, but it was pretty close, and he loved it!!

Josh Borrowed Rock band from one of his friends and the kids played that for quite a while. Talk about funny! It was a crack up watching them play!