Monday, April 12, 2010


Seems like I just can't keep up with all of the things I WANT to be doing, and most of the things that I NEED to be doing.
The end of March, my brother and his family were in Oregon for a visit during their spring break. The kids and I meet them and my Mom & Larry in Eugene for a fun afternoon of mini golf and pizza! It really was a lot of fun, & great to see them all again. It had been 9 years since we had seen one another.
The kids really enjoyed getting to know one another again!

That same day after we got back, the kids got their piglet to raise for fair... It is always an adventure! Lets hope they all three make weight!!
Here is Colton with his pig!

On March 31st I picked Rex up at the Eugene airport. His flight didn't get in until Midnight.. we kept it a secret from the kids... On thursday morning, he went into wake them up for school.. that was PRICELESS!!! They were all SO happy to se him. Nathan pounded on the wall a few times just to make sure that he wasn't dreaming.
It was a great time having him home, he was able to be here for 10 days. He got to see Nathan run 2 track meets, break his personal record in both the 110 High Hurdles and the Triple Jump. He also got to watch Mikayla in her first track meet! They were both very glad that he was here to watch.
He left last night for New Orleans. He will be there until Graduation June 5th, then probably back out there after that... really don't know, and just try to go with what they say.
Can hardly believe Andrea will graduate in 8 weeks! CRAZY!!!
My kids are growing up so quickly...keep me busy and bring me MUCH JOY!!!