Friday, October 31, 2008

Josh caught an interception and broke 2 takles before he was brought down! It was SO exciting! To bad that it wasn't a little earlier in the night so it was lighter! But atleast I got some shots.
We are traveling tonight.. it is going to be a really tough game, if they win they will be conference champs again,and host the first round playoff game next week.If they loose the go to the playoffs in 3rd and we will travel, far far away... about a 7 hour drive. Everyone cross your fingers for a WIN!!!! GO OAKERS!

Ok.. so maybe I figured it out. I guess we'll see.
Colton takes his job as ball boy pretty seriously. He knows that what he is doing is really important to the team. He was pretty proud to be standing by Josh when the announced him on Senior Night! He had made a card for Josh that said "Your a Star to Me" on the front! It was so strange to stand out there with Josh... not sure where all of the time has gone that he is a Senior already. He is such an amazing young man. And does things all of the time that make me very proud to be his mom!
WELL... the whole week has gone by and I'm just now getting around to posting some pictures. And now for some unknown reason they won't show up on the post... SO just wanted to let you know that I'm working on it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Alright.... if you look closely you can see the football in the top left of the picture! Josh is averaging about 37-40 yard a punt! He is getting better and better each game. I was amazed that I got the ball in the picture. I was using my big huge lens and I was clear across the field. Rex was home for the weekend, so instead of walking the sidelines, I sat up in the stands, on the top row of course, with him and just shot from there. It was a good touch game and Oakland won!
GO NUTS!!! ..... ok just some clarification for those who have no idea what that means... Our school mascot is....ok... an Oak Nut... so thats why we are the Oakers... and we all say GO NUTS!!
We have tried to figure out why someone hasn't come up an awsome looking Oak tree.. and convinced them to use it... we can keep hoping I guess!

Andrea Kay... as she like to be called now... is having fun cheering! It is great to see her having such a fun time!
She is a beautiful girl! But as you can tell does'nt always like me snapping her picture!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Andrea has been wanting her hair colored....with really dark almost black underneath, so I finally gave in, and bought the stuff. It looks soooo cute!! I think next time I won't be so hesitant to let her try something fun!
She is such a beautiful girl. I love looking at those teeth!! 

Friday was REALLY cold and it went into the 4th quarter before points we put on the board... to bad they weren't for us... 
Final was 6 -0  Oakland's first lost.
Josh had another great defensive game.. and had his name put in the paper for it!!! He has had his name in the paper each conference game.!! It is so cool to see that . 
He also  had some great punts!
I love watching him play!

Colton is having a great time running the ball for the HIgh School team! He is jumping to catch the ball from the ref. after delivering a nice dry one for the QB

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yesterday was my 41st birthday, I can't believe that I actually just put my age on the net...
It was really just like any other day. I got "Happy Birthday's" and " I love you's" from all 5 kids in the morning. My friend Paulette sent me 3 great e-card, they were soo funny!
Colton had an away football game, so Mikayla and I traveled to that. Andrea and Nathan both made me cards. They were so thoughtful, and the things that they said were better than any gift that I could ever have gotten.
Rex and Brayden are in Seattle working, so nothing from the two of them. I was a little disappointed, but did get to chat a little with Rex before bed.
He is well up there and said that they got alot done yesterday. Looks like he may have to stay through the weekend, because the had Monday off because of rain.
I was thinking that having him away would get easier, I guess we haven't been at it long enough for that to happen yet. I'm trying to remember to do things that I usually don't do, and take care of all of the things Rex usually does... you know that man things, like the garbage,pigs and car stuff. I'm not great at it, but I'm learning real fast.
The sun is out today.. I love that. And some people here are taking me and another guy to lunch for our birthdays. It should be fun!

Oct. 3rd was another great Friday Night Football game in Oakland! In the top picture Josh is throwing a great block so the ball carrier can sweep around the end. And in the bottem one..... look at that!!! He has the ball and the ref is signaling "TOUCHDOWN" Josh caught a pass in the end zone! I was pretty mad cuz I was right there, and my flash didn't go off. Wouldn't you, I can get great shots of everyone else's kids but not of my own.. Well at least you can see it alittle!!!
It was great to see!
This week will be a tough game.. we are traveling north... GO OAKERS!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm loving Friday Night Football! I am the "official" photographer for the football team, it's a long story, the short version is, after I put together a very awesome slide-show ( if I do say so myself) last year, the coach just said... your going to do that again right? So Now I get to stand on the sidelines with the boys again this year and be official! I love being able to capture those memories, not only for our family, but also for others. It is so cool to see that touchdown pass again! Last week I got Josh catching his first interception pass!!! It was exciting, to load the pics in the computer and look for it!
This week should be a good game, and hopefully the Varisity will play well and the JV boys, which includes Nathan, will get some time in the game! It is supose to Rain, Rain, Rain, so that should make things fun. I guess I'll break out the bread bags to cover my camera, I have yet to get the real camera rain gear!
Andrea is really doing well with cheerleading, and having such a great time. She is such an amazing you lady. It is strange to think that she is 17.... and then Josh turning 18... just seem like yesterday I was bringing them both home.
Colton had a great game on Tuesday. I didn't go, it was about 45 minutes away, and with Rex gone, I needed to be at home with the other kids. He caught his second interception pass this season, he was pretty excited! He is all about football these days, between his practice and games, beign the ball/water boy for the High School team. He is on cloud 9!!!
Watching my kids do things they love brings me SO much JOY!