Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Andrea and Reuben

Andrea, did a great job this year. I think she was a little disappointed that he pig did not place higher in the market class, he placed 3rd. She is already planning what to do different for next year! 

Nathan sells 5th !!!

Because Nathan place 1st in his market class he got to sell 5th. He was pretty excited about the whole thing! He ended up getting $4.00 a pound! He was soooo happy!

Josh and Pig2

Josh didn't want anyone to know that he actually liked his pig, but I caught this picture of him rubbing his belly, waiting for his turn in the auction ring.

Mikayla & Wilbur

Mikayla spent some quality time with "wilbur" before he had to go to the auction ring. She is not very happy about the fact the he has to go to the butcher. It will all be ok when she gets to pick a new pig for next year!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pigs get a bath!

Mikayla, couldn't wait to get "Wilbur" in the wash racks, I think as soon as she found out the he had made weight, he got a bath! 
Colton wasn't far behind, even though his little gilt did not make weight, he took a lot of pride in making her look the best he could for the breeding gilt class!

FAIR !!!

I wanted to post some pictures from fair, we still have the auction tonight then all day Sat. After that we are done for a while. It has been alot of work, but great payoffs in the end!
I think we will be doing a few things different for next year. We learned alot this year.