Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A little catch up... AGAIN!

Things are busy busy, Basketball is in full swing. It is SO much fun to be able to watch both Colton and Nathan play together..
The are both starting on the JV team... and both see considerable minutes.. Colton plays much of the game and is the point gaurd. He is very good, and has been given alot of responsibilty. Nathan is playing alot on the JV team and swinging to Varsity.. he doesn't see much time on the floor, but its great for him to be a part of getting ready for next year! I've been streaming the home games so that Rex can watch them. Technology is an amazing thing...

Josh is playing ball for Umpqua Community College. He is enjoying it and continues to improve. I happy that he has been able to keep up with something that he loves so much. He is on the front row #15

Andrea has started her clinical's with her CNA class, and has told me she never wants to live in an "Old Folks Home"
she is doing well, and learning a ton!

Mikayla and I are able to spend more time together after school, since the other kids are at practice or class. It has been very fun and makes us both happy.
Rex is has been working in Jacksonville Fl. for the past month, and will be heading to Key West this weekend.
It is hard having him away for so long. We all miss him.
I'm going to be going down there on the Feb 19 and we are taking a Caribbean cruise for a week! WE CAN'T WAIT.. I'm so glad that we bought cruz points years ago when money wasn't so tight, with out them we would not be able to go now!
I'll try to be a little better about posting... keep you fingers crossed.