Thursday, October 8, 2009

WELL... I have been meaning to post a few pictures... and just now am making the time to take care of it...
I'm trying to do better managing my time.. I guess as long as I'm trying, and keep trying thats what really matters..
Josh turned 19 on September 27th... WOW that is weird! He spent the day in Eugene with some friends, and we didn't end up having cake until a few days later... but it was great all the same. He is attending the local community college, and has been practicing with the basketball team.. he is hopeful that he will make the team! That would be great!
Here's a pic with of course a "basketball" cake!

It was homecoming week at school and here are two pics... the first is Nathan sporting a Bow tie that Rex wore to prom... and was an escort for Karla... who is now the secretary at the kids High School... she made sure that it was on just right!!! The theme for the day was 80's prom attire!

Second was "Hippee" day! Here are Andrea and Colton before leaving the house! What a crack up!

Lastly.. I also had a birthday... Nathan sent my name in to the local news channel that post birthdays each day... you can see by the picture below... what age I turned...... I think I look amazing for 87!!! He is such a funny kid!