Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well I was feeling pretty bad about slacking of so much on my blogging... then I went an looked at all of the ones I love to read, only to find out I'm NOT the only one that hasn't posted for a LONG time! WHEW!!

So as usual I'm busy with the kids sports... and LOVING every minute of it.
Mikayla is running track and doing a great job.. I think she is going to be another natural hurdler... right now she is working on getting her arms in closer to her body.. as you can see from the picture... she's really trying to fly!! She is also trying to get faster.
I see great things from her in the coming year in the girls 100m race.

Colton is playing on a spring league basketball team.. I think he could play all day every day!! This is a picture from the Varsity season this year. He was starting point guard for the High School team. He did an amazing job!

Nathan was ready to start track halfway through the basketball season. He is a natural runner.. and is much stronger and faster this year in his hurdle races. He was in the paper the other day.. the headline read....
"Reber paces Oakers at McKenzie track meet" He won both the 100 and 300m hurdles that meet, and earned 10 point a piece for placing 1st.
This is a picture from the 110m race that day.

Funny story behind why his jersey is on inside out... The first meet of the season this year, he ran his fastest time yet. 19.80 sec
after the race we noticed that his shirt was on inside out.... he quickly stated that he was going to wear it like that every meet now for good luck!! Silly boy!!
He and I are going to Portland on April 19th to meet with the Head track an field coach at Clackamas Communtiy College.
He has voiced interest in having Nathan come and run for them next year! Very exciting for him!!!

Andrea is a nanny for a young single mom, she watches her 3 and 4 yr old several days a week. She also has another part time nanny job after school with 3 kids. She is loving it.

Josh is still attending Umpqua Community College full time. He also works at the Boys and Girls club in Roseburg. He recently was the head ref for there winter basketball league. His loves it!

Brayden is still living in Fairfield CA, working and attending school..

Rex continues to work out of town. We've been very lucky this year, as he's been on the west coast, and has been able to be home most weekends. It's been great that he was here to watch basketball, and now has been able to see Nathan run several times.
It looks like he will be in Silverdale WA next for about 3 months.

I'll try and do a better job keeping things more current...
Have a FABULOUS day!!!