Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yesterday was Colton's Birthday... he turned 14, I spent part of the day reflecting on how fast the time has gone... we moved to Oregon when he was two weeks old. My dad had come to California the week I had him, he did a ton of packing for me. I remember him bringing the 4 older kids to the hospital to see Colton, they were all so excited to have a baby brother. Looking back, I think I must have been crazy out of my mind. But I also know that my children are such a joy to me, I can't imagine not having any of them in my life.
Colton loves to be playing basketball, I think he would play all day every day if he could. He like to be outside and active, playing ball, riding his bike, swimming, he loves it all.
His very best friend Josh, he loves Josh and looks up to him so much. He wants to be like Josh, thats a good thing, because Josh is an amazing young man.
Colton is a good friend to kids at school, everyone like him.. and as he reminds me often, especially the girls!
I'm so excited to watch him play High School Sports this year. He will be a freshman, that just seems SO weird.... but it's here. And I'm sure he is going to tear up the football field and dominate on the basketball court.
I'm very blessed to have such wonderful kids! And yesterday I felt extra blessed as I remembered having Colton and all of the Joy he has brought into my life to this point.

Monday, July 13, 2009

WELL, I thought since it has been a very LOOONG time since I had posted, and even though I don't have any pictures, I should probably make an entry.
Summer is in full swing around our house. The kids are excited to be out of school, actually complaining about being bored, and that "there's nothing to do"... always makes me crazy when they say that..... cuz there is a ton of things to do.. just nothing that they want to do.
Brayden is still in CA. and looking for a job.. things didn't work out at Panera Bread. So he is having and adventure..in life. I miss seeing him, and worry about him daily.
Josh has been house sitting for 2 weeks for his basketball coach, this will be his last week. He'll be going up to Seattle with Rex on Sunday to work. It will be good for him to be working. He's hoping to make enough money to pay for his first year of college.
Andrea has turned in some job applications and is hoping to get hired somewhere... she "needs money" ! She has been amazing at holding things together at the house while I'm at work. She is a great big sister, and has made it a point to do dun things with Mikayla.She is just an amazing young lady!
Nathan and Colton are doing some basketball ball handling skills drills, two days a week and lifting weights with the football team 3 nights a week. They love it! And are waiting to see BIG muscle's.
Mikayla is going to summer school Mon-Thurs. likes seeing her friends, but doesn't like the school part. I know it will help her in the fall, when she goes back to school.
I'm busy at work, and wishing I could be home hanging out with the kids.... but have used all of my Paid time off, so that is going to have to wait until after Aug. 8th when I get some more. I will have worked here at Orenco 4 years... how time fly's. I'm lucky to have a good job, and a great supervisor. Don't know where we'd be if I wasn't able to contribute financially.
I'm trying to eat more healthy, and make sure that I'm getting more exercise. I have really gotten out of the habit of working out, and I miss that. It is just so easy to push that to the back burner when time is short, and let other things take priority.
Yet I know that I feel SO much better when I'm doing it. It's a never ending battle for me, that causes me a great deal of anxiety.
Rex has been working closer to home since May. He will be in Seattle for a few months, then not sure. It's a long 6 hour drive home each Thursday night, then back up on Sunday afternoon. But it's been nice to have him home on the weekends.
With all of the stuff that he try's to get done while he's here, not much of a break for him. But as with me, he feels lucky to be able to work.
And we both are very thankful for any time we can spend together.