Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Braces come off!!!!

Andrea went in today and got her braces off. She has had them on since Dec. of 2006 so she was quite excited to get them off! She is a beautiful girl, and now has an amazing smile to show off!
It was so fun for me to sit and watch the look on her face as they took the brackets off, and she got up to brush her teeth and looked in the mirror at them for the first time. It is worth every penny I've spent to see her smile like that!


I think that we can now be considered an official pig farm! We are the proud owners of a sow,a boar, and 6 200 plus pound pigs. 
All of the kids except Brayden are showing pig in the Douglas County Fair, August 5th - 9th. Andrea is showing a barrow in the market class, and a gilt in the breeding class. I guess for those who know nothing about pigs, a barrow is a boy, and a gilt is a girl! The other kids are just showing in the Market class, and selling in the Rotary Auction. That is if they all make weight. We're a little nervous about Colton and Mikayla's pigs making weight. They have to weigh atleast 225lbs to be considered "ready for market". It is going to be close. We have been feeding them ice cream drippings from dairy queen whenever we can get them. We have our fingers and toes crossed that it will help them gain weight!
  We all had a good time last year at fair. It is fun to spend the week together. It is alot of work for all of us. But it is worth it in the end. I really enjoy watching the kids in the show rings with there pigs. They all do a great job! Mikayla is really excited to show for her first time!
I'll keep adding pictures as soon as I get them taken!

Colton is a TEENAGER...

On July 20th we celebrated Colton's 13th birthday! We now have 5 teenagers in our house! UGH
13-15-16-17- and Brayden will be 19 on July 28th.  It is pretty weird that all of my kids are that old. Mikayla keeps me feeling young still being 10.

Reber Reunion

Over the fourth of July, Rex's family had a reunion, it is always fun to get together and catch up with those that we don't see very often. Of course we had family pictures taken, and of course none of the kids wanted to cooperate, thus the laughing pic, we finally got one that is some what decent... I guess. 

Give it a shot!

Soooo, I  have a few friends that have blogs for there families, and always enjoy reading what is going on with them. I have also thought that it would be fun to try, but have never taken the time to get it started. Until today, so I thought it was about time that I gave a shot!
Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures and keep things up to date on all of the adventures of our crazy family. Seems like there are always a million things going on, so it shouldn't be hard finding something to post. 
And it will be a great way to share SOME of the tons of pics that I take of the kids. 
Anyway, I hope that you enjoy reading and seeing what is going on with us.
Lots of love.. Michelle