Thursday, May 13, 2010


It seems like I have the best intentions ever to keep more current on my blog, but always fall a little short.
Track season has come to an end for Mikayla. She did a great job for her first year participating. Each time she ran the 100M hurdles she improved her time. She even places 3rd at one meet and got a medal! She was SOOOO excited!

Nathan is running in Districts this Saturday. I expect that his relay team will qualify in the 4x400 and possible the 4x100 relays.
He is 2 10th's of a second behind the #2 guy in the conference in the 110 High Hurdles. He will have to have a great race in order to qualify for state. Only the top 2 get a state birth. He is also running the 300M hurdles, he also has a chance in those. I'l just keep my fingers crossed and hope that he has a great race day all around!

Andrea is counting the days until graduation. She is such a beautiful girl! I have not idea what her plans are for next year.

I think I may be going through a mid life crisis.. not sure, but whatever it is ... I wish it would be DONE!!!

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